VG Loves Tales | THAT SAME LANEWAY (Jo + Jarryd)

These are your stories….

The real people that wear Violet Gray, in your own words, about your special love.

And also, the rings that you now own and cherish and hopefully one day far into the future, will continue to live on the hands of many generations to come. 


When Jarryd made an online consultation, I didn’t know who his partner was.

When we spoke and he told me – that it was in fact the angel that is the Violet Gray Graphic Designer – Jo –  I was so thrilled and honoured to be involved in this special process. 

Jo is the most intuitive, perceptive and talented creative and so when it was my time to create for her, we had some fun.  

This is the love story / proposal of Jo and Jarryd from Melbourne, Australia. 



Let’s start at the beginning… how did you meet Jarryd?

We met online a few years ago. Our first date was at a cosy little laneway cocktail bar. The place didn’t have any signage out the front (classic Melbourne!) so I walked past it at first.

Jarryd saw me breeze past the bar, thinking that I had seen him and decided to do a runner! Thankfully for both of us, this was not the case and we had a lovely first date! 


What do you love most about each other?

About Jarryd : Jarryd is hands down the sweetest, kindest, most sincere person I have met in my life. He has such a beautiful heart and gentle soul. I love the fact that he is always completely giving of his love and affection for me. He is always there, with an unshakeable commitment to us and our life together.

About Jo : Jojo is all the things I wish I could be – smart, funny, hardworking and beautiful. She strives every day to be a better person and inspires me to do the same. Her smile melts my heart and lights up my world. I couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of my life with her 🙂


Describe your ring…

Stunning!! A shimmery yellow Tourmaline stone which catches the sunlight at all the right angles. A light pink gradient runs gracefully meanders its way through the stone, giving the ring a slightly different colour throughout the day.

The energy of this piece conveys a sense of clarity, effortlessness, lightness, subtlety – they act as such beautiful reminders of our relationship.



 How did this ring come to you? (aka. the proposal)

Jarryd worked with Alex to bring this piece to life and he proposed at the very same laneway bar we met all those years ago! I had a pretty good idea that he was going to propose since he had asked a few weeks earlier what my favourite flowers were and then requested for me to meet him at the bar on the date of the proposal.

I arrived to find Jarryd sitting at the same table where we first met, a bunch of hydrangeas in hand , all dressed up and looking happy and nervous!

It was such a beautiful moment. 



Did you know *she had been organised for you?

I picked this beauty out!

Having worked with Alex in our businesses prior, I absolutely love co-creating with her. Alex infuses true integrity into her work and I knew that if I were to get married, there was no other person than her that I wanted to craft my ring. 


When you look down at your hand and see her, what does your ring symbolise to you? 

For me, the ring has such a unique energetic quality – it feels like clarity and intuition, effervescence yet introspection, a place where the light dances and meets the sun. It feels etheric and like home.

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