Violet Gray Design



A range that launched into the world, online on 01.11.15.

Somewhere during the journey from concept to form, we decided we wanted to honour and birth these pieces into the world with something more powerful. A celebration of sisterhood.

So, one particularly normal day (aka – we can’t remember exactly when, or how the conversation began) we decided to open our creative space and ourselves up to an intimate group of women. We wanted to surround the range with a small selection of women that have supported Violet Gray over the last 3 years since her own birth. Women from the community that themselves inspire greater communities with their own paths.

22 ladies arrived to our ‘farm’ at 4pm on Saturday, the 31st of October. A mixed group, many bravely drove out through the country roads solo, not knowing what or whom to expect upon arrival. They were greeted by each other and from this very moment, the collective synergy flowed.

We bejewelled each others faces, wandered up to ground underneath a magical D tree – a 100 year old Fig Tree that stands tall on the property. We stood in stillness, disconnecting from life outside of that moment, reconnecting with ourselves…

We proceeded up the hills in search of the setting sun, where we were greeted by our humble, yet warm, light-filled and ‘rich’ picnic space.

Tara Bliss led the group through a Kundalini Meditation, one to evoke connection with the self. The Internal Compass, within. It was there that each woman intuitively chose a box – each appearing to be the same from the outside, but encasing very different jewels with very different intentions within. MY INTERNAL COMPASS, was gifted and seen for the very first time.

We ate, we drank, we sat chatting on prickly grass, protected by Mexican blankets and cushions.

When day turned to night, we continued down to the art Studio where an Intention Circle (beading ceremony), raw desserts, warm tea and red wine awaited us.

And this experience… will be shared in Part #2 of this post – where you can watch the rest of the evening unravel (to be published in the coming days).

But for now…. join Xavier and us. We hope you feel like you are there too and the Violet Gray vibe spreads far and wide.

Finally, thank you Sarah for this video, we adore you.



Acknowledgement goes out to :

Kristy, our Photographer from Klee Photography

Sarah, our Videographer from SK Media

Event Hire / Props from Kolo the Wanderlust Effect 

Organic Meals provided by Let Us Feed You Organics

Juice and Mixers from Sol Cleanse

Treats by Love Buzz Organic

Candles from Lemon Canary


Violet Gray Design

Violet Gray Design

Violet Gray Design

Violet Gray Design

Violet Gray Design

Violet Gray Design

Violet Gray Design


Full photographic album can be seen here : on FACEBOOK