What is a Ritual?


Ritual, Sage, Circle, Ceremony, Meditation


What is a ritual? The acts of ritual and ceremony for religious and non-religious purposes have been around for centuries and there are quite a few definitions for the word “ritual,” but as with anything it’s up for interpretation.


Ritual: n; “a ceremony or action performed in a customary way.”


A question that guides us here at Violet Gray is “what connects or disconnects us from our source?” (with source being fluid, subjective, and intuitive – for some it could mean the heart, for others the truth, the universe, and so on. Find what feels most aligned for you.)

Rituals are the beautiful practices we do to connect back to our true selves. With the fullness of every day life especially for women, whether working full time, mamas, entrepreneurs, and so much more, life can sometimes feel noisy and chaotic. Rituals are a simple yet beautiful way to get centered.

In some cases rituals are things we do when alone but blessing ceremonies, women’s circles, moon circles, and more are also beautiful ways to connect with other women while still connecting with ourselves.


Types of Rituals

As a personal practice, a ritual can be as simple (and quick) as placing your hand on your heart, breathing deep, and being grateful at anytime of the day.

Or holding your favorite crystal.

Or wearing your favorite necklace or jewellery piece.

It could be a meditation, the act of cooking dinner, journalling, being out in nature, creating a flower mandala, lighting your favorite candle, or the simple act of writing down what you’re grateful for at the end or beginning of the day.

A ritual can be as simple as taking a few minutes to ground yourself. Wherever you are and anytime during the day. The opportunities are truly endless.

At the core of it, a ritual is what feels right for you.


“What is the basic nutrition for the soul? Well, it differs from creature to creature, but here are some combinations. Consider them psychic macrobiotics.

For some women air, night, sunlight, and trees are necessities. For others, words, paper, and books are the only things that satiate. For others, color, form, shadow, and clary are the absolutes. Some women must leap, bow, and run, for their souls crave dance. Yet others crave only a tree-leaning peace.….

Ritual is one of the ways in which humans put their lives in perspective, whether it be Purim, Advent, or drawing down the moon.”

~  Clarissa Pinkola Estés



Tips for Creating Your Own Rituals :

  • If you’re unsure of where to start creating your own rituals, below are a few tips. Remember, this is a personal practice – do what feels RIGHT for YOU.
  • Find what interests, relaxes, or inspires you and spend some time doing that. Don’t feel pressured to follow other people’s rituals unless you want to.
  • Try to schedule some time into your calendar to practice your ritual a few times a week, if not every day. Again, do what works for you and your life.
  • You don’t always have to do the same ritual, mix it up as you see fit. You could plan to meditate every day but paint or hike or garden on Saturdays.


Your rituals and interests may change, don’t be alarmed! As with life in general, you’ll find that your personal grounding practice is one that is constantly evolving.


Do you have a favourite ritual?

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