Jewellery Care




Carefully read care instructions as delivered with your item and be aware of the delicate nature of your Violet Gray piece.

Faults caused by not following the care instructions will not be refunded or repaired.

Fine jewellery is delicate by nature, and we encourage all customers to take extra care when wearing it daily.

Gemstones and metals are not indestructible, regardless of the high quality resources that we use in our designs.

Our chains, charms, bracelets and rings are crafted optimally, but like most things, if you abuse them they may be damaged.

To extend the life and maintain the condition of your Violet Gray piece, we do advise that you do remove it before showering, swimming, playing sports, gardening or cleaning the house.

Note: Chemical and physical damage can occur to your precious treasures during these activities. Salt water, chlorine in swimming pools, soap, beauty products and perspiration take their toll on sterling silver and plated jewellery and can make it appear tarnished or remove the plating completely.

Be very mindful when dressing to avoid your cherished necklace, bracelet or ring catching on items of clothing.

If chains get caught / pulled, they can snap.


Again, specific examples of inappropriate use include:

  • Damage caused by dangling charms which can catch on clothing etc.
  • Exposing jewellery to chemicals such as in swimming pools and cleaning products.
  • Wearing jewellery in water – ocean, pool or shower. Please remove prior.
  • Wearing jewellery when playing sport or a physical activity which clearly puts the jewellery under unnecessary duress.



  • Wipe your solid gold, sterling silver or rose gold plated jewellery carefully with a soft cloth often to keep it clean and free of these elements which cause unavoidable oxidisation.
  • Polishing is best done with a 100% cotton cloth / specialty polishing cloth (be mindful if using on the plated jewellery).
  • When not wearing your jewellery, store carefully in a fabric box to avoid scratching and scuffing.


* Please be aware that VG does not take responsibility for damages or breakages caused due to mistreatment.

If you have any issues or queries regarding the quality of our products, please contact [email protected]





The metals and crystals that make up your jewellery come from Mother Earth, carrying many different energies within them. They are alive and once removed from Mother Earth, need to be cleansed and energised regularly as you feel drawn to.

We advise that when you first receive your crystal, you take a moment to cleanse and connect with your piece.

There are a number of different ways this can be done. A few of our favourite tips are below:

  • Under the full Moon – Lay your crystals (or crystal jewellery) out in a space where they can get full exposure from the moon energy for as long as possible. Most will be cleansed by morning but some crystals (such as black tourmaline) may need a little longer. Keep your precious stones out of direct sunlight as some crystals will fade. Full moon energy actually lasts for 3 days, so it is okay if you miss the actual day of the full moon. You can catch those energising moonlight rays on the day before, day of or day after the full moon. And yes, your crystals will still absorb the lunar energy even if it is cloudy or raining.


  • Using fresh running water (free of  chemicals) – Lay your crystals within a dish where they will be safe and in reach of fresh running water. Ie. A creek or stream. Allow the running water to pour over them. A note for the wary: some crystals will dissolve in running water so be sure to check before you proceed.  You may also hold your crystals under running water for a shorter time, whilst visualising the water cleansing out any negative energy.


  • Cleanse using other crystals – Place your piece that you would like to cleanse on a large quartz cluster. This will both cleanse and re-energise your piece. Our favourite cleansing cluster to use is Amethyst or Clear Quartz, or to surround our crystals (or jewellery) with Clear Quartz points.


  • Sage – for a quick approach, light your sage stick and surround your crystals with the smoke or gently waft the smoke through your crystals. This will also cleanse the area of your house where your crystals reside.

Whatever approach you take, treat your crystals and gemstones with care.

Once you no longer feel drawn to your crystal, we advise burying it deep within the ground so that it may return to Mother Earth.


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