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We’ve put together ourCrystals at a Glance series to give you a quick overview of the chosen stones from Mama Earth that we love incorporating into our designs.

These stones carry vibrational energies, and knowing that they come from the Earth and come from thousands of years of evolution adds so much more meaning and intention to a stone that you choose to carry or wear. When you purchase a stone, or a piece of Jewellery from Violet Gray, our hope is that you will really cherish it for many years to come (if not, your whole lifetime!)

It is an offering from the Earth and we are so lucky to hold / wear a piece of this abundant planet.


** If you are brand new to the world of stones / crystals and interested in learning about how to work with crystal energies, visit our Intention based guide here.


While these posts and the sharing of the energetic properties are intended to guide you, it is just our perception and never forget that the most important aspect of a gemstone is your own connection. Always be guided by how a stone makes you personally FEEL, rather than what you have read.

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So let’s get started…. and introduce the deep, rich stone that is GARNET.


Garnet Ring, Violet Gray


Name: Garnet

Name Origin: The word ‘garnet’ comes from the Middle English word ‘gernet’ which means ‘dark red’. As the garnet is also similar in colour to pomegranate seeds, it may also come from the Latin words ‘granatus’ & ‘granatum‘.

Found: Worldwide.

Core Message: Prosperity, Regeneration, Nourishment, Devotion.

Colour: Depending on the variety of Garnet, it can be found in red, pink, orange, black, yellow, brown but typically it is most commonly known for its deep red colour.

Birthstone: For those born in January // Aquarius : born between the 20th of January – 18th of February.

Spiritual Benefits: Evokes heightened awareness and encourages inner-alignment and walking of one’s spiritual path. Garnet purifies & balances energy.

Emotional Benefits: Emotional healing and balance. Garnet helps to release obsolete emotions (ie. guilt, shame, and lack of self worth). Encourages emotional abundance, love, serenity, passion, and kindness.

Physical Benefits: Enhances healthy sexuality and sensuality.


Garnet Ring, Online Jewellery

Garnet Ring, Online Jewellery


For additional insight on Garnet and other precious stones (and their core energetic properties), you can always spend time exploring our extensive Crystal Directory.


Do you have a connection with Garnet? We love to hear your experiences.

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