Boulder Opal Ring

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The first Greek ‘god’ was actually a goddess.

She is Gaia, or Mother Earth and associated with the full moon and stars, the Earth, and the sea.

Goddess Gaia is the universal mother of all who created herself out of primordial chaos.

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NOTE: this is a one a kind ring.
Ready to ship immediately.
Size 7 (17.3mm) 
Can be resized for an additional fee upon request, please allow 2 weeks. 


Boulder Opals are found embedded in veins and patches within large boulders of Ironstone, taking an estimated 5 millions years to form.

Our Indigenous people believe that Opals have lived in Australia since the beginning of all creation.


Queensland (free form) Boulder Opal: 2.2 carat, 14.5mm (height) x 6.8mm (width).

1.0mm Garnet x 2

1.0mm Black Spinel x 2

1.8mm band

14k Yellow Gold


Personality: No two stones will ever be exactly the same. We do our best to replicate the ring pictured. Inclusions and colour variations are not considered faults and cannot be items cannot be returned for this reason.


Size 7 (17.3mm diameter)

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Each ring is accompanied by an Australian Certificate of Valuation.


Our Violet Gray signature HONOUR‘ boxes are handcrafted in Qld, Australia from Purple Gidgee – 100% natural wood.


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  1. Jacinta
    5 out of 5


    Each time the light catches her she shows me a different glimpse of raw and unique beauty. My favourite time of the day has always been the late afternoon, when the world starts slowing down, the birds start to sing as the sun is setting and I can settle into stillness. I’ve noticed that in this afternoon light, Gaia’s colours are at their most vibrant and it is in these moments that I connect with her a little more. I love her uniqueness and how you’ve kept her features and shape as natural as possible. She is my daily reminder to connect with Nature, to live from intention and to stay strong, but gentle, naturally beautiful and uncompromisingly me. She brings me home. Thank you so much Alex x

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