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Lakshmi, a Hindu diety that represents abundance, prosperity and wealth on all levels.

She is recognised as a source of nurturing, patience and unconditional love. A woman that is admired for her ability to recognise the importance in personal ‘wealth’ whilst simutaneously acting from a place of generosity and compassion.

Meet our LAKSHMI.


NOTE: Although this ring is sold out, we may be able to remake you a variation.

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Moonstone cabochon: 1.5ct, 8.9mm (height) x 6mm (width).

+ ‘Secret stone’ 1.0mm Garnet inset in internal band for extra nourishing and self-belief.

585 / 14k Yellow Gold


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3 reviews for LAKSHMI

  1. Kristy

    She’s home …
    That was the title of the email I sent when the divine Goddess Lakshmi landed on my finger and that is where she has stayed ever since …
    It was such a serendipity moment in my life .. I have been traveling to India for the past 6 years, and fell in love with not only the country but also many of the Hindu Goddess and Gods and I have love moonstone since I was a young girl, as well as this year was a special milestone birthday .. and then I saw this ring, after owning many of Violet Gray chakra pendants – it was meant to be! I reached out to Alex and she was amazing to work with. Not only to create me a Lakshmi ring but to make sure it was also so perfect just for me. It includes a hidden sapphire which is my birthstone and the word “Santosha” engrave in the band – my mantra …
    I love love love this ring and the Violet Gray personalised experience.

    I have had the ring for over 3 months and it will come to India with me in November to be blessed in Lakshmi temple ??

    Thanks Alex

    I can’t wait to see what my next Violet Gray piece will be ?

  2. Annika

    When Lakshmi first came out, I immediately fell in love with her. For some reason, I felt a special connection to her, and knew that she would one day be my wedding ring. Flash forward two years, and now this gorgeous ring adorns my hand, and won’t go anywhere else. She is pure perfection, without the characterless vibe of most “perfect” things, if that makes sense? She has so much character and just makes you feel.
    And Alex was so sweet, being happy for us and equally excited to see this beautiful ring on my finger finally.
    So happy I stumbled across Violet Gray a few years ago. Except for family heirlooms, I don’t wear any other jewellery anymore.

  3. Estelle

    I’m so delighted to have Lakshmi join me on my journey in life. There is so much meaning and symbolism hidden in such a beautiful and minimalist design. Carefully crafted, sized to fit perfectly and engraved with a special message, just for me. I’m so grateful and feel very privileged to be able to call her my own. Alex and her team are simply angels.

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