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Z I V  translates to ‘radiance, brilliance or light’.

She sweeps you off your feet.

Diamond ~ Power, Radiance and Sovereignty. 

The band is matte finished, rounded in profile which makes her feel soft to wear. Her curves mould with yours and *she very quickly begins to feel like a familiar part of you.

There are 4 x small white Diamonds set into the band on each side, creating personality and illumination regardless of the angle in which you gaze at her.

This detail may replace the need to wear two rings and rather, just wear Z I V solo and proudly as she provides a two-in-one alternative.


NOTE: Although this ring is sold out, we may be able to remake you a variation.

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Cognac Diamond (champagne): 0.85ct, 6mm (round)

8 x 1.3mm Diamonds (white)

14k / 585 Yellow Gold


Upon request, this beautiful ring design can be customised with alternative gemstones.

Contact [email protected] if you have further questions, or book an online consultation HERE.


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