Ring size? How to work it out, in secret…

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Hands are so often a part of the body that we just don’t take much notice of, until we are planning a surprise! Or even when they are our own fingers, often we have no clue what ring size we are. Right? And it can be confusing to work out for a number of reasons.

But don’t worry, we can help!

You want to gift a ring (or potentially propose) to your lover but you aren’t sure about her ring size. 

If you are planning on being discreet and keeping this grand declaration as a surprise, here are our top suggestions on how to work out her ring size.




Fingers are all different sizes (even when on the same hand) and typically, fingers are slightly different in size per hand. Normally when looking at the 3 x middle fingers on a hand – the ring finger is the smallest, followed by the middle finger, with the ‘pointer’ being the largest.

Seasonal: Fingers will swell in heat and shrink in the cold. They may also change with pregnancy.

Design matters: a ring that has a wider or thicker band will fit more snug, than one that is finer and more delicate. Do not measure a super thick band and expect a fine band to be the same size, as it won’t be. For wider styles of rings, you should add half size to your ring size.

International sizing: as ring sizes are not universal, there may be slight variances between our sizing and other brands / jewellers. Different countries go by different numbers or letters. Familiarise yourself with the conversion here: The Official International Ring Size Conversion Chart.

Resizing: depending on the design, not all rings can be resized. If the band is attached to the setting of the stone, sometimes, you cannot resize this style without risking damaging the stone. This is why size is IMPORTANT.


five ways to measure ring size


1. Measure the inside diameter of a ring (from inside edge straight across) that she wears on the ring finger. Ensure it is a ring style with a finer band, as to match the bands that we offer. As we mentioned above, larger settings fit completely differently. Then match your measurement to the measurements in our sizing guide. 

2. Ask her friend / sister / mother (and then swear them to secrecy). They may know, or be able to subtly find out this information for you.

3. If she’s a deep sleeper, you can use a piece of string or rope to measure her finger, mark the spot where the material comes together, and then calculate the ring size (you can use our sizing guide for additional help).

4. If you are not concerned with subtlety, ask her directly. Or gently nudge that she should go and have her fingers all accurately and professionally sized. And then tell you each one (write it down immediately – sizing is confusing).

5. You can also purchase our ring sizer HERE and not so subtly give it to her.

Once you have your love’s ring size the fun begins… time to pick out the perfect ring, gift or propose!