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So we have talked previously about what a ritual is, and soon we intend to also explore and share the history. But here, just quickly (because we all know how precious time is!) I share my top picks for creating your own cherished ritual kit in your home.

This the type of ‘kit’ that I use in the start of my day, or if I need a reset. Incorporating these practices brings intention to the way you operate. And therefore, the way your day unravels.

Don’t believe me? Try it sometime!


So these are all things that sit on my alter, nestled in the corner of the room.

    • A intentional mist :: This is a blend of raw, earthy ingredients – often combining purified (or demineralised) water, essential oils, gem and flower essences. My current, ‘go-to’ favourite top 3 are: Energy Clearing by Cedar and Stone //  I AM…BALANCED by Hanako // White Lotus Flower Essence by Sacred Flower (I have a couple of her others and they are all amazing). 
    • Crystals ::  I have a single, large cluster of Apophyllite sitting on my alter. She was the type of crystal that I couldn’t leave the shop without (and cost a pretty penny!) When choosing your crystals, if you can purchase them in person, otherwise you can find them online via many sources. We sell a small selection of pocket pieces HERE.
    • Oracle Cards :: Maybe like you, I have a ridiculous amount of oracle cards.  The top 3, that I use the most right now are: the Rumi Oracle, by Alana Fairchild // the Gaia Oracle, by Toni Carmaine Salerno // Connected & Free by Inner Hue.
    • Candle or incense, or sage :: Always – my life is full of sensory stimulation.  I burn incense daily throughout my home… I burn Palo Santo and light candles. And SAGE, during the more intentional moments. My favourite Sacred Smudge Stick comes from the USA and are made by Meraki Nomad.
    • Journal :: In my world, you cannot go past a Moleskin… Black, softer cover and lined. And then I have the blank A4 journals for sketching.
    • Something comfy to sit on :: I have a hand woven rug that I pull out when I am in circle. Otherwise, a sheepskin, and a small round cushion that I simply place on the floor. I sourced the cushion from Urban Outfitters.
    • Chakra map and kit :: A tool that we created to evoke a more intimate connection with our/your own subtle energies. I use this as a tool whenever I feel like I need to reconnect with myself, this might be daily or weeks between. You can peruse the different kits HERE and also access the free guided Chaka kit meditation to assist you in this process.


Ritual, Violet Gray, Ceremony


Other additions that you may want to include :

  • A photo of the ‘God / Guru’ that you honour. Whether that be a diety, a goddess, an elder etc.
  • Photographs of yourself (for example, if you are wanting to connect with your inner child) or just images of happy moments. Ie. With your love.
  • Things from nature.
  • Anything else that may be precious to you… For example, I have a painting by a beautiful friend… Feathers and a Tawny Frogmouth wing (also a cherished gift). A ‘wand’ (a branch that looks like a Harry Potter wand) that we found in the forest and a ‘talking stick’ that was created and gifted to me by a beautiful woman that attended a few of my womens circles.


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