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You’ve heard of ‘circles’ (it’s all the rage on Social Media right now) but you’re not really sure how you feel about them. Maybe because they seem mysterious, a little weird, unknown and you are not sure of what you are walking into. Or maybe you really want to experience this type of connection, and your heart says YES but the voice in your head talks you out of showing up, when an opportunity presents itself.

Well, we are here to shed a little more light. And hopefully encourage you to go for it!

There are different types of circles – intention circlesblessing ceremonies, moon circles, women circles and much more. You’ll be drawn to whichever suits you best. Not one type of circle is better than the other and depending on the host (and theme), they will all be led completely differently.

When the space is held well, a circle is a safe and sacred gathering for women to come together, to be heard and seen… to embrace one another and their differences (or more often, similarities)!

Whether you’ve attended a circle before or it’s your first time, it can be a bit intimidating, especially if you plan on showing up by yourself. At Violet Gray, we love hosting and attending circles, and we’re here to tell you why you should say a big fat YES if invited to a circle (whether online or in-person). Especially, if you are considering going solo!

Even if you have attended circles before – there’s always something to be newly learned and experienced at each circle.


Below, we’ve put together 5 of our favourite reasons for why attending a circle is a no brainer!

1. Chances are, you’ll step out of your comfort zone

Attending an event alone or trying something new can take you out of your comfort zone. Rather than be intimidated, think of this as a mini adventure and a chance for personal growth – an opportunity to try something new and meet some magical women, all while in safe space.


2. It’s a safe space for you to be vulnerable

There’s something about opening up to other people that can be intimidating. Sometimes even admitting or acknowledging what you are feeling to yourself can be difficult. Having a space where you are supported and encouraged to be vulnerable can be extremely freeing.

And if attending a circle where you don’t know anyone intimidates you, consider this: sometimes it’s easier to open up to strangers than it is to open up to someone you know well.


3. A circle is an inspiring space

You’ll no doubt leave a circle inspired – whether it was the women you met, the environment you were in, the creative aspect you took part in (mandala making, jewellery making, meditation etc.), the conversation that was had, or the way you were present and in the moment, you will probably find yourself inspired and empowered.

Attending a circle will likely not only encourage you to attend more circles, but it may inspire some self-loving, nourishing, balancing, and creative rituals that you can incorporate into your life beyond the circle.


4. You’ll learn about others & yourself

Sometimes we have to go into what may initially feel like an uncomfortable situation before we realise how strong and capable we actually are. You’ll probably find when hearing other women’s stories that you are not alone in your thoughts and struggles. You’ll be encouraged to go deep into your heart and find your truth. Sometimes hearing others’ stories and thoughts can help you realise the value of your own.


5. Connect with & find new friends

Sisterhood and connecting with other women is so important and extremely empowering. And the likelihood that you’ll meet some amazing and magical kindred spirits at a circle is inevitable.

There’s something truly special about connecting with women, about sisterhood – whether it’s an already established sisterhood between good girlfriends, familial sisters, or women you happen to meet for a few hours at a circle.

Maybe you won’t become soul sisters (or maybe you will!) but for those few hours it will be its own magical and rewarding experience.

Having a chance to connect with women who believe in the magic of sisterhood is an experience worth having.



“Relationships between women . . . are kinship relationships of the most important kind.” 

~ Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés




If you still find yourself hesitating about attending a circle ask yourself why? What’s holding you back?

Women have been gathering together for centuries. Circles are a beautiful way to connect with other women, but more importantly they offer you an opportunity to connect with yourself in an environment where truth telling and female empowerment are some of the core tenants.

There’s something truly special about putting yourself out there and being supported as you do it.



Tips for Attending a Circle:

  • Be open-minded to the experience, don’t go in with expectations
  • Speak up – you don’t have to bare your soul or answer every question, but don’t feel like you can’t contribute or share your thoughts
  • Be present – enjoy the magic of the moment and take it all in
  • Take some time after the circle to journal your experience and what you learned from it.


At the end of the day, do what FEELS right for you. Maybe a attending a circle doesn’t make your heart skip a beat, and that’s perfectly fine. Find what lights you up and inspires you. But if the idea of attending a circle gets you excited (or even just intrigued), then what are you waiting for?! You’ve got nothing to lose!

If you’re in our area and are attending one of our circles, we cannot wait to co-create and sit in circle with you.


What are some of your favourite things about attending a circle?

Share below!