through the lens with montana lower


You’ve seen this face… she is the latest VG MUSE, and posted all over our website and socials.

A little back story : In March, we were looking for a model for our website rebirth and when we scrolled our way to Montana on Instagram, I could just feel that she was ‘oh so right’. This feeling extends beyond her physical beauty, I sensesed how special, earthy, intelligent and aligned with Violet Gray she was and is. When we met on shoot day, she lived up to (and beyond) these expectations.

If Violet Gray was a ‘real life’ woman, Montana IS a version of Violet Gray.

And we all have a piece of Violet Gray within us, so we just know that you will fall in love with Montana Angel Montana too (and yes, that is her real middle name!).

Let’s delve into the next “Looking Through the Lens” feature and hear who she is, how she embraces the duality in herself and what makes her eyes sparkle. Ready?


Who is Montana Lower?

This is something that I find changes every day. The more I grow into the woman I’m supposed to be, the more I understand. I’m not there yet… But I do know she’s happy.


And in this moment, how do you spend your days?

The last couple of months have been pretty hectic! I’m undertaking my final year of Civil & Environmental Engineering as well as rolling with this modelling adventure. So after I finished my exams last semester, I took off to Sri Lanka for a much needed chill with my boy. For nearly a month all we did was surf, eat, nap and read (I could have easily stayed for a while longer).


through the lens with montana lower


Now that I’m back, it’s work work work and study in-between. I try to either start or end my days at the beach and if I have a day off, you can be guaranteed I’ll be there ALL day. I’ve recently gotten back into surfing, so the more I can do that the better. There is something sooo nice about how you can’t possibly think about anything else while you’re doing it. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I love to sit for up to an hour each day, sometimes more, and just write in my journal. It’s here where I can’t do anything BUT think…

And it’s a beautiful world.


You live a busy life between modeling, engineering, travel, art… how do you balance it all?

Patience and understanding. I’ve always been hard on myself. Not so much doubting the things I’ve done, but always wanting to do more. I have this passion bug inside me and it’s never been a choice. So my little body just rises to the challenge, and makes sure to let me know when it’s time to stop. Journalling has also really helped me understand myself and what I’m doing a lot more. This part of my routine means so much to me because it’s something I do just for me. Free from constraints, rules, judgement. Just me. And it makes it all a lot easier. But who am I kidding – it’s all so FUN!


through the lens with montana lower


What do you love about the duality in the ‘roles’ that you have in your life? Model vs Engineer.

I love the contrast. I love how one is completely male dominated and the other is mostly women. I love how each expands my mindset of the other. I feel like I get to play different characters and get exposed to so many different people. It reminds me to keep it interesting and to expect the unexpected. I love how it makes me question things. My ideals, my values, my interests. And it reminds me to come back to the middle. It’s wonderful.


You’re a very creative spirit, what led you down this path? Why is creativity important?

Creativity is a new term to me. For most of my life I’ve just accepted the fact that I’m a bit weird.. okay we’ll roll with ‘different’. I don’t think my mother has ever given me a straight or expected answer. She’s a complete enigma and convinced me without ever trying that any other option would be insanely boring. So, I’d say she’s a lot to ‘blame’. Creativity is in everything. I see it in my art as much as I see it in engineering, even though they’re usually considered opposites. To me, to be creative is to just be unapologetically yourself.

THAT’s why it’s so important.


through the lens with montana lower
Montana’s artwork.


If you could do or be anything, what would it be?

Exactly as I am right now. Comparatively, I’m sure there are many other exciting avenues I could take. But I trust this journey and it suits me just fine. But if I could be me to the very end then transform into something else for my next life, I’d love to be a sloth. They’re just so happy and chilled and they like to cuddle things. Yep. Sloth life is where it would be at if I could just.. slow… down….


When you are caught up in your head or just really busy / distracted in life, how do you get back to earth (and into your body)?

Back to my mind – journalling. Back to my body – yoga. Back to both – making love.


through the lens with montana lower


Tips for others for staying in their ‘lane’ and living/creating a life that feels right for them?

There are a few terms that I’ve learned on my little journey and strive to deeply understand them: Intuition, instinct, manifesting, trust, honesty, positivity. Once you understand those, the rest just happens naturally.


Do you have a favorite ritual?

I like to wake up every morning and say something I’m excited about. I just wake up, turn to Torren (the boy) and say GUESS WHAT. Sometimes it’s about a job coming up or something that I have to study that day, and sometimes it’s just that I think another strawberry has ripened in our garden.


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through the lens with Montana Lower


We love that Montana is flowing with the natural rhythms in life…


Where you can find Montana –

Instagram :: @montanalower

Photos provided by Montana Lower & Violet Gray


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