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Named after the Fuchsia Magellanica flower, originally named during the 16th century by German botanist Leonhart Fuchs.

It is a very distinct and exotic looking flower.

Folklore tales share that when gifted this flower (and now ring) it symbolises the deep trust that the giver feels towards the receiver.

This unique Garnet ring has an essence which is confident, assured and vibrant.

Fall in love with FUCHSIA

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NOTE: Although this ring is sold out, we may be able to remake you a variation.

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Amaranth Rhodolite Garnet: 1.32 carat, 9mm (height) x 7mm (width).

14k Yellow Gold


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1 review for FUCHSIA

  1. Georgia

    Fuchsia was gifted to me as an engagement ring and I absolutely love her. Stunning is an understatement. I have a few Violet Gray pieces now and they are all beautifully crafted and of very high quality.

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