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Chrysoprase, Chrysoprase Jewellery


In our Crystals at a Glance series we provide you with an overview of some of our favourite crystals – precious and semi-precious stones that we love including in our designs because they add so much beauty and meaning.

We are big fans of wearing jewellery that represents something beyond aesthetic finesse. And the energetic properties linked to a stone even play into our choices during design. The connection we feel to a stone, or a piece is what guides us.

We hope that when you purchase Violet Gray jewellery, that you too feel connected and cherish these talisman for years to come.

** If  you are new to the world of stones / crystals and are interested in learning about how to work with crystal energies, visit our Intention based guide here


Without further adiou, say hello to heart based, Aussie stone that is CHRYSOPRASE.


Chrysoprase, Crystals, Jewellery


Name: Chrysoprase

Name Origin: From the Latin/Green word ‘khrusoprasos‘ – ‘khrusos‘ meaning gold’ & ‘prason‘ meaning ‘leek.’

Found: Most typically found in Western Australia, Tanzania, Germany, Poland, Russia, Brazil, & the United States (Arizona and California). 

Core Message: Grace, Union, Growth, Compassion, Forgiveness.

Colour: Chrysoprase is known for being an ‘apple-green’ colour but sometimes also comes in a deep green, or lemon.

Birthstone: For those born in Libra // 22nd of September – 23rd October.

Spiritual Benefits: A stone of the Heart, facilitating a deep heart connection with the Earth and nature, as well as everything and everyone around us.

Emotional Benefits: Expands the Heart Chakra and helps the wearer receive and attract LOVE, prosperity and abundance on all levels. It is calming, provides emotional balance and creates openness for new situations / experiences.

Physical Benefits: General physical healing and regeneration. Cultivates a sense of security and trust.


Chrysoprase, Crystals, Jewellery

Chrysoprase, Crystals, Jewellery


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