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Okay… So I am the first to put my hand up and saydamnnnn girl, you spend way too much time up in your own head!’ I know when I am, because I can feel it. My body screams it.

It’s like there is a dull ache in my brain, my neck feels stiff, my shoulders tense…

I feel rushed, stressed and I fail to pay attention to life in front of me. Rather, I am in the zone where I am believing my thoughts and this takes me out of my body (and out of the present moment).

This can come if I am spending way to much time on social media, on the computer, or I build my ‘to do lists’ so long, that I become like a bull in a ring. (Taurus lady here, I thrive off productivity and getting shit done). This state of being can also effect my quality of sleep, and I find myself dreaming about work! This is a big sign for me to slow it all down.

And this is why I find it to be so important to incorporate little rituals into my every day life.

These rituals that I share are brief and easy, so all can tap into my own tool box of resources.

Starting here, just before dream time.

Simply, this is a sleep time ritual to help you transition from your day and attempt to avoid the mind (continuing to) race throughout your night.


When you are slipping under the sheets :

  1. Turn your phone to aeroplane mode, or off. Remove it from immediate reach.
  2. Lay down, eyes closed and stretch your body out. Feel into each part of your body, tensing it and then releasing. Start at your toes and make your way upwards to the top of your head.
  3. Place your hands over your lower tummy (underneath your belly button) and count at least 10 x breaths – gently extending your inhalation and exhalation. Just ‘be’ in, with, your breath.
  4. Move your hands to on top your heart space. Imagine yourself to be travelling down from your mind, into your body (and heart). From thought to feels, from control to surrender. From worry, to release. Imagine all of the ‘busy’ slipping off your body.
  5. Intend on the quality of your sleep. Ie. Peaceful, uninterrupted, deep, nourishing, restful etc.
  6. Integrate oils, mists and crystals if available / desired. The choice and method is yours. (I will offer a brief list of my own current favourites below).
  7. And, relax. And, sleep.


My personal tools to assist in this ritual : 

  1. Amethyst (purification, protection, tranquility) placed next to your bed.
  2. Rose Quartz (gentleness, calm, release of stress) under the pillow.
  3. Lavender essential oil or Clary Sage, rubbed wherever you feel is right. I tend to use it on the soles of my feet, the back of my neck, my heart and third eye when going to sleep.
  4. Cedar and Stones Mists make for a beautiful reset. Favourites are ‘Energy Clearing’ (to reset the energy) or the ‘Meditation’ (to relax, deepen and connect).


Do you have a favourite mini ritual before bed? We would love to hear yours…

Share below!