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Violet Gray, Gold Rings


    The day is finally here… And HONOUR, our very first Violet Gray solid gold ring range (each piece made to order) is now LIVE and alive online. So now, over to you world…  Explore our new collection of rings HERE In some ways, it feels like this release has been 5 years in the making.

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Online Jewellery, Gold


    Today’s feature marks our 10th in our ‘Crystals at a Glance‘ series. Created to go deeper into the stones that we incorporate into our designs, daily lives and rituals. ** If you are new to stones, our Intention based guide has additional insight on working with crystals and their energetic properties. Let’s get to know more about the emotional

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Aquamarine, Crystals Online

Crystals at a Glance – Aquamarine

    In our ‘Crystals at a Glance‘ series, we put together an overviews of some our favourite crystals. We love incorporating these precious stones into our intention-infused designs, their history and core energetic properties inspire us to embody our highest vibrational selves. ** Read our Intention based guide to learn more about work with crystals and their corresponding energies. 

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